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O homem que não tem autodomínio é sempre um escravo dos outros.



Photo of Palace of Mafra © José Paulo Ruas - DGPC


Cultural and Philosophical Voyages - 2017

Private Full Day Tour

for Members and Relatives

Mafra Hermetic Architecture - Palácio da Regaleira

This full day tour has its first stop at Mafra National Palace. According “Ennaea”, the book of Anselmo Caetano Munhoz de Abreu Gusmão e Castelo Branco, published between 1731 and 1733, Mafra Convent is a thorough treatise on alchemy. Relationship between King João V, and the legendary Fifth Portuguese Empire is made here through analogies with Lisbon as new Rome or New Jerusalém.
Almost all of about 36.000 books of the Royal Library of Mafra are rare volumes and includes one of the the worldwild richest collection of Athanasius Kircher (1601-1680). This library also devotes a great deal of space to rosicrucian, cabalistic and masonic rare volumes.