Published Since 1926


The purpose of Rosicrucian Magazine is to:

a) Disseminate the Rosicrucian philosophy;

b) Publish articles of recognised interest in the field of study of Rosicrucian philosophy;

c) Contribute to academic discussion of Rosicrucian philosophy by stimulating and developing the exchange of information between students and researchers working in the field of the sciences, thereby facilitating closer relations between Rosicrucian and academic circles in all their variety.

Rosicrucian Magazine is composed of a main body composed of articles and communications, small items of interest, summary reports of conferences, colloquia, congresses, lectures and seminars, critical reviews, and technical notes to editions made by the Rosicrucian Fellowship of Portugal.

Preceding the main body, each issue will have an Editorial, written by the Editor of the magazine or by a specially invited person.

Rosicrucian Magazine may include an open space for the presentation and discussion of articles at the pre-publication stage and other areas reserved for the dissemination of projects, news and publications related to, or of interest to, the Rosicrucian Fellowship of Portugal, in all their variety.

Rosicrucian Magazine is the property and official journal of the Rosicrucian Fellowship of Portugal, whose headquarters also houses the headquarters of the Magazine.



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