Mensagem de Reflexão para o mês de Abril

A crítica é o imposto que a inveja cobra do mérito

God and Punishment

“God does not need to use a stone or stick to punish you” – this is a Portuguese idiom which is much used when something terrible happens to you, and which means that that is a consequence of God’s wrath.

This statement is not logical. It is actually a blasphemy.

God does not punish or rewards Humankind, which reflects Him and which is part of Him, from Whom everything comes and will go back to again. God does not punish or rewards you: He just established and made some immutable laws which humankind has to obey. One of these laws is the law of cause and consequence ( effect ? ). It applies to all our thoughts, words and actions, both in our present and   previous lives. Whenever it is necessary, we suffer so that our conscience may become aware of the mistakes we have done. And consequently, we start avoiding making them again. This way we are preparing a less painful future because we are clearing up the effects of our errors.

There is another immutable law: the law of reincarnation, which is actually the highest proof of love and justice. It is because of it that man is able to evolve in several lives until finally is worthy of attaining higher levels, being able of getting closer to the Father. Therefore each human being is responsible for the good or bad influences that he/she creates and he/she is the one really that punishes or rewards himself/herself.

“So just like the captain commands his ship to its destination without caring directly about the machine itself or about the individual actions of the passengers, the same way God directs  the Universe, letting us being completely free to do, and act as we like.”

Man really thinks he is the absolute (or almost) master of the planet where he lives. He changes it, he plants, etc and through his permanent fight with Nature, he imposes his will on it. Man divides it into nations, builds cities, towns, exploiting it according to his wishes. But how wrong, deceptive and brief this is! One day when he triumphantly believes he rules over almost everything, Nature, that eternal and so badly understood Force retakes its rights that had been stolen. And It changes everything, leaving debris where palaces used to sit, weed where flowers used to bloom, loneliness and discomfort where civilization used to shine.

There are, as we can see, two strong forces fighting each other: The human will which is unreliable and fanciful; and Nature, the cosmic force which is powerful and invincible.

So the Portuguese saying: “God doesn’t need a stone or a stick to punish you”, being false when considering word by word, is, in fact, what happens  according to the action of the laws of cause and effect and reincarnation. We must learn to use a constant self-control over all our thoughts and actions, by using a strong will and a wise meditation, which are the right tools to a complete and perfect success.

Being good, keeping the body, mind and soul clean and pure are the keys for us to get free from the “punishments” which are due to our wrong thoughts, words, and actions.


in Rosacruz – Revista Trimestral de Esoterismo
Nº387 Jan, Feb, March 2008
Translated by M.B.F.


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