Mensagem de Reflexão para o mês de Julho

O homem é mais propenso a contentar-se com as ideias dos outros do que a reflectir e a raciocinar.


Message from the Bord of Director:

Ye are the light of the world

In times of health emergency on a planetary scale, with no end in sight, we observe a more competitive than cooperative world, more divided than united, more indifferent than cooperative. Each country turns to itself and acts in isolation, rather than seeking a joint solution. Disorientation and disaggregation prevail.   

The fearful and frightened population is left with uncertainty, knowing that the economy and social crisis is waiting for an unprecedented economic and social crisis, making the world even more unequal.

Faced with this scenario of agony and pain, aware that the world will not be the same again, we feel that being silent would be absolutely contrary to the Master's instructions and would make us complicit in the suffering of humanity, as little we did to alleviate it.

In this context, we invite all centres to re-establish membership ties. It's time for a reunion between your affiliates. It is time not only to redefine our role in a world different from the one we knew before, but also to contribute to healing it, by teaching it, through our firm and resilient example, to transform obstacles into opportunities that enhance our individual and collective growth.

Only by acting in unison, animated by the highest Christian ideals, can we fulfill the mission entrusted to us by the Helder Brothers. Isolated we will be embers that time will eventually erase, together we will be the solid beacon that will illuminate the world. Together we will come out of this crisis on a world scale stronger, more united and motivated.

In Easter time, we take the opportunity to wish everyone the most perfect spiritual enlightenment and renewed hope for the future.

Lisboa, April 9, 2020
Fraternidade Rosacruz de Portugal
Bord of Directors



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